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HP-TL – strengthening solutions by Carbon

HP-TL is founded by Horst Peters and Thomas Lipinski in 2014. The aim of the group of companies is to promote and establish strengthening methods for existing structures of concrete. Owners and engineers can use the provided technologies and materials to prepare existing and planned structures for a new load level or extent the life time of civil infrastructure. On the other hand, HP-TL is providing solutions for corrosion free reinforced projects with slim and strong structures, even if special properties (like earth quake safety requirements) needs to be respected.

HPS – Horst Peters Solutions, Germany
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Horst Peters
70839 Gerlingen (Stuttgart)
Mobil: +49 173 6774727
Background: Civil Engineer, International Companies: DOW, GE, Sika, SGL-Carbon
More than 20 years' experience in CFRP-Strengthening
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ENTECSOL – Thomas Lipinski, Germany
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lipinski
16909 Wittstock,
Mobil: +49 151 50749617
Background: Civil Engineer, technical management in International Precast Companies
Since more than 5 years independent consultant for precast companies with focus on fiber based reinforcement and strengthening
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IGS Indo German Steel Hub LLP,India
Plot 90 G, Tarihal Industrial Area, Phase II
Hubli, 580026 Karnataka
Mobil: +91 94 80 84 0314
design and production of systems and components for stressing applications
Since 2011 manufacturing in India for the Asian and local market
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